Night of Terror
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Ride of Terror

The Ride of Terror is one of six terrifying haunted attractions at the largest and scariest haunted attraction in NJ. This haunted hayride at Night of Terror is unlike any other that you’ve ever experienced! The Ride of Terror is so scary that it has been featured on HGTV’s Scariest Haunted Houses.

As darkness falls on Creamy Acres Night of Terror farm situated in Mullica Hill New Jersey, zombies, killer clowns, attack dogs and chainsaw wielding mad man come out of hiding. The Ride of Terror haunted hayride navigates through the terrifying 25 acres of mayhem and torture. Creatures of all sorts are waiting to attack at every twist and turn throughout this 25 minute ride of terror. This is not a ride for the weak hearted; the tension is so thick from fear that you can cut it with a knife. From the blood curdling screams of tortured souls to the loud mechanical sounds of chain saws tearing through flesh and bones, your courage will be tested at every twist and turn. Be ready to stare death in the face as you ride the area’s largest and scariest hayride, constructed on 100+ acres on a truly haunted farm in Mullica Hill, NJ. We have added more of the living dead to our staff and more chainsaws than ever that will have you scurrying for a place to hide.

The Ride of Terror has 15 chilling installations loaded with actors and animatronics that won’t disappoint. As you start through the haunted hayride the Angel of Death is waiting to great you. There is not a dull moment on the infamous Ride of Terror at Creamy Acres Night of Terror as the thrills and chills don’t let up. The sounds of screams and chainsaws fill the air heightening your sense of anticipation. Next you will encounter the fire breathing Headless Horseman. Will you escape with your head?

Just when you thought you were safe the haunted hayride takes you through the dark and terrifying cemetery. Inside the cemetery you meet the larger than life Necromancer, a hideous beast so menacing that you want to close your eyes. But you can’t close your eyes because you see the other horrifying creatures of the cemetery waiting to make their move.



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