Night of Terror
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Slaughter Cave

The Slaughter Cave Haunted House  is one of six terrifying haunted attractions at the largest and scariest haunted attraction in NJ. This haunted house at Night of Terror is unlike any other that you’ve ever experienced!

Step into the dark, sinister cave and explore, but beware, this cave is anything but abandoned. The tunnels echo with deafening screams, the walls wet and warm with blood. This cave is home to one of the most twisted families in New Jersey- a family you won’t soon forget. They lie in wait for unlucky wanderers who dare enter their home. With an insatiable obsession with blood, guts, and watching you suffer, this sick family will stop at nothing to make you scream, until you can’t scream any more. Torture fuels these crazed lunatics, making them hungry for your screams, hungry for your fear. Escape as fast as you can from the winding caverns and rivers of blood of the Slaughter Cave, before you become another one of their unfortunate victims, or worse- become a part of their family and stay forever.

Don’t miss out on the horror of the Slaughter Cave this Halloween season! This house was voted as the crowd’s favorite for the most thrills and screams! It was also the highest rated haunted house at Night of Terror NJ! Night of Terror is the largest and scariest haunted attraction in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.



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